Eva-Linn van Eck or Traffic Manager

Eva-Linn van Eck
our Traffic Manager

Hi, I’m Eva-Linn, and I am the Traffic Manager at Kendew agency.

I think what I enjoy most about working here is the fact that we have a (relatively) small team with little to no hierarchy. I like the way we communicate with each other and on a more personal note, I really enjoy how much room there is for personal development.

As I’ve spent more time in my role as a Traffic Manager, I’ve enjoyed taking on more responsibilities and seeing how that boosts my self-confidence, and the team’s growing confidence in my abilities.

My goal within Kendew Agency is pretty straightforward really: to keep learning. In the long run, I think I’d be interested in growing into the position of Project Manager, but who knows!

Although I’m only 1.57m tall, I can quite literally talk your ear off and I can surprise you by my big appetite. In my free time, I love cooking. I always try to make every meal a little more fun than just the “regular boring meals”. Moreover, I always enjoy heading out for a drink with friends, accompanied with some great snacks.

Let's talk:
Call me on +31 (0)6 57 04 55 39, e-mail me at eva-linn@kendew-agency.com or connect with me on Linkedin.